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Good morning,

First of all thank you for the great extensible and flexible tool that is gogocarto!!

I am building a map allowing the display of events across France. Of course, an event has a date and I want to be able to filter on the date field that I added to the form.

It works very well and it's really great (the date selection widget to filter in the right sidebar is great!).

On the other hand, once my date filter has been carried out (on one or a date range), it - unlike "classic" category filters - does not update the URL of the card and therefore it is not not possible to copy/paste this one to "save"/share the elements of the map thus filtered :/

Likewise, it does not seem possible to have this date filter parameter integrated into the export of the map in an iframe :/

Is there a possible solution in your opinion?

If by chance there was, I would have a subsidiary question: would it be possible to filter on/relative to the "today's date" to simply obtain past or future elements?

Many thanks in advance for the time given to my request.

Good evening !


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