After his grandpa died away, he was entrusted to care after the family carrot farm. He viewed this as a chance for a fresh start and quit from his demanding work. It is your responsibility to assist Tsuki in managing the farm and carrying out day-to-day operations while living in the countryside. Let's go into more depth about the gameplay of this nation game.

Understanding the Gameplay of Tsuki Adventure
One of the most crucial things to understand in this game is that Tsuki is not your pet. You are not need to manage his movements or lead him to do certain tasks. He will do the majority of the duties, jobs, and activities on his own, even if you are not around. Of course, he will want your assistance at times, particularly when it comes to harvesting carrots or purchasing groceries.

When you initially start playing, there will be a brief prologue that introduces you to Tsuki's life in the city before he decides to return to his village. Following that, you will be taken through a brief tutorial that will explain how to play this adventure game. After that, you may play the game anyway you like.

As previously stated, Tsuki will do tasks on his own without your assistance. He will clean the home, read a book, go for a stroll, and so on. Some of his actions will be random drift boss, while others, like as sleeping, will be habitual.

In this game, your resource will be carrots, which you will be able to gather after a certain amount of time. You may use the carrots to purchase stuff. There are a variety of products accessible in town. Once purchased, Tsuki will use them at various intervals throughout the day. You may also get Tsuki to utilize them by clicking on the object.

Tsuki may also engage and communicate with the village's animal inhabitants. He may also visit various businesses and places that you choose. Although many of them shut at night, there are few that remain open.

Exciting Features of This Adventure Game:
Explore the countryside and purchase goods for Tsuki to use randomly throughout the game.
Have pleasure reading Tsuki's journal and seeing what he is experiencing and thinking about.
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