In the well-known and storied 2D arcade game Dinosaur Game, your task is to help the T-Rex dinosaur across the wide desert. Join today to enjoy yourself!

Dinosaur Game, also known as Chrome Dino, is a browser game created by Google and incorporated into the Google Chrome web browser. In this game, players will control a pixelated, horizontally-scrolling dinosaur with the of preventing him from colliding with obstacles in order to increase his score. In 2014, meobjective mbers of the Chrome user experience development team created the game.

In Dinosaur Game, the player operates Lonely T-Rex, a tyrannosaur that proceeds continually from left to right across a desert with only two colors, black and white. Along the journey, the user will be required to leap or kneel over obstacles like cacti and pterosaurs. If the player uses space (on the keyboard) or contacts the dinosaur (on mobile), the dinosaur will "jump" instantaneously, while pressing the key will cause it to "crouch down." The game's pace will progressively increase over time. When the character of Lonely T-Rex collides with any obstacle, the game will terminate abruptly.

When a player reaches approximately 700 points, the game's display will alter. Dark gray on white graphics will transform into light gray on black graphics to represent the transition from day to night, with the daytime graphics of the sky also transforming into nighttime graphics.[a] During gameplay, the game will alternate from day to night and back again.The designers of this game have established a time limit of approximately 17 million years for any participant to achieve the utmost score. This is also the entire amount of time that tyrannosaurs existed prior to their extinction 66 million years ago.
If the player uses the network administrator feature to disable the game, he or she will receive an error message when attempting to launch the Dinosaur Game. A meteorite heading towards Lonely T-Rex will appear on the screen.