Furthermore, you must continue to train your team's monsters in order to improve their strength. Aside from that, you may aid them out in combat by offering them potions. It will cure their wounds, increase their HP, or provide a strength boost. You may also go to monster gyms and fight other trainers. From there, you'll encounter monster trainers who have their own squad of powerful monsters. As a result, defeating them allows you to go on to another map, where more adventure awaits.

It will also show a bar with a dark area in the middle and a line going back and forth across the bar after the warning. Make sure you time the line's progress right to catch the monster. When you catch a monster, it joins your team. They will also start to follow you and help you fight other wild animals. That being said, not all monsters will give up that quickly. A lot of people will fight hard. The level of your enemy will let you know if they are tough.

It is also important to keep training your team's monsters to make them better. Besides that, you could give them medicines to help them in fight as well. Their cuts will get better, and their HP will go up. This will make them stronger. You can fight other trainers in monster clubs as well. After that, you'll have to fight monster trainers who have their own strong monsters. So, beat them, and you'll move on to a different map where more adventures are waiting for you.
Defeat gym trainers and advance to a new area with tougher creatures.
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