MonsterAdventure Game: Explore a World of Monsters and Adventures.
MonsterAdventure free, developed by Yso Corp, is an adventure game in which you explore a world filled with interesting monster monsters. You and your newfound monster pals will start on a trip to uncover new creatures. As a result, train them in combat, increase their strength, and become the finest monster trainer in the land.

How to become the best monster trainer.
In the MonsterAdventure game, you will travel over huge areas filled with creatures. To begin, you will have a creature that follows you wherever you go. However, this monster is unlike your typical monster since he will assist you in battling wild creatures and protecting you on your adventure. As you encounter, combat, and destroy new creatures, you will have the opportunity to capture several of them. Monsters that you can catch will display a popup indicating that you can capture them.

Following the instruction, it will display a bar with a darkened region in the center and a line that goes back and forth across it. To catch the monster, ensure that the line movement is timed. Captured monsters will then join your team. They, too, will begin to follow you and assist you in battling other wild creatures. However, not all creatures will give up so quickly. Many people will battle fiercely. You'll know whether you're up against a formidable adversary depending on their level.

Furthermore, you must continue to train your team's monsters in order to improve their strength. Aside from that, you may aid them out in combat by offering them potions. It will cure their wounds, increase their HP, or provide a strength boost. You may also go to monster gyms and fight other trainers. From there, you'll encounter monster trainers who have their own squad of powerful monsters. As a result, defeating them allows you to go on to another map, where more adventure awaits.

Exciting Game Features
Cool cartoon-style designs and imagery.
Capture new creatures and expand your Monster Book collection.
Evolve creatures to make them increasingly stronger.
Exchange monsters with other trainers to get new ones.
Visit gyms and compete against trainers.
Defeat gym trainers and advance to a new area with tougher creatures.
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